Write a Letter

We’ve got a short amount of time to ensure that MPs in the upper house who’ve show their support for abortion decriminalisation hold to their position when debate on amendments commences 17 September.

MPs have received thousands of emails and calls. Some from anti-choicers have been so abusive that they’ve turned off the phones to save their staff and emails are now being diverted.

So to match our old-fashioned laws, we are having an old-fashioned action – letter writing!

We want to thank MPs for their support so far and ask them to hold strong.

Guide to writing a good letter

Your letter doesn’t have to be long – here’s an example.

Key points for you to cover are:

  1. Thank you for speaking in support of the Bill, this is such an important reform.
  2. Please don’t support any amendments that will mean the intent of the Bill is lost – abortion access should be made easier, not harder.
  3. Like the majority of the community, I support abortion access and pregnant people and doctors should not be criminalised.
  4. Thank you again for your vote.

There are 26 MPs in the upper house who’ve so far support abortion law reform – 26s letter is a lot but they all matter. Team up with a friend or your colleagues and split the list!

We’ve got everything you need for a letter writing party in this handy kit – how to host a party, a letter writing guide, template letters for both individuals and groups (feel free to personalise or write your own!), and the list of MPs you need to write to plus WHERE TO SEND THEM.

Then send us your letters!

Once you’ve written your letter, send them to us at:

Our Bodies Our Choices
PO Box 613
Haymarket NSW 2000

The MPs we need to write to are:

Abigail Boyd GREENS
Adam Searle ALP
Anthony D’Adam ALP
Ben Franklin NATIONALS
Bronnie Taylor NATIONALS
Cate Faehrmann GREENS
Daniel Mookhey ALP
David Shoebridge GREENS
Don Harwin LIBERAL
John Graham ALP
Mark Buttigeig ALP
Mick Veitch ALP
Natalie Ward LIBERAL
Penny Sharpe ALP
Peter Primrose ALP
Sarah Mitchell NATIONALS
Shayne Mallard LIBERAL
Rose Jackson ALP
Tara Moriarty ALP
Walt Secord ALP

Download the list HERE.

Take a selfie with you and your letter/posting your letter!

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Did you know some MPs still have fax machines?

Wild, right? But since they have them, and we know they read them, let’s fax them! Don’t have a fax machine? We wouldn’t expect you to so we’ve made it super easy. Just fill out THIS FORM and we’ll do the rest.

Another retro fix for our retro laws.